AJ willfully rejects my tracks!

How so? Why this is not fair to me? who checks my tracks, turning to the leadership?

This track is normally kept, why have rejected? Why accept a much lower quality and mixing … In top and new item every day take a very terrible job, and I have a much better, but reject what is the reason?

Forgive listen to this track, and express their opinions expensive authors.


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Sounds a bit primitive and boring. Remind me sound of 90th. Try to rearrange it in more action way with developments and movements. Good luck.

the track is good , but the tools in it are not balanced too conspicuous , and so very personal!!!

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll fix it.

Hey mate. Have you tried contacting Envato Help & Support Center for better rejection reasons? They usually are quite helpful! Cheers!

thanks you

I’m just starting this audiojungle trek. I got my first submission accepted and sold within a day, only one sale so far :slight_smile: I would recommend to listen to the top selling tracks and get the trend of what is selling nowdays. seems to be like ostinano arpeggios, guitars and piano, revolving around 120BPM, very organic with a touch of some electronic music builds. Looks like ukekele and claps and super happy is not very trendy no more.