Dear AJ, what's happening with rejections? Just me?

Dear Evato, dear Audiojungle reviewers, this letter is for you.
I just don’t understanding what is happening.
I have 89 tracks on my portfolio, I think I understood what you think can sell and what doesn’t work.
In the last two months I begun to work with other music supervisors, so I had to reduce time to spend on music for Audiojungle …but I didn’t want to stop my submissions.
I submitted at least five tracks.
All of them were rejected. Some were “too artistic”, I admit it. 1 ok, 2 ok…but the others?
I read the article they sent me but, to be honest, I already read in the past and I think it contains cool advices…but for people who’s approaching this kind of market.
I mean, I’m not saying I’m the best composer in the world, but I’m not a beginner for sure.
Plus, you’ve accepted 89 tracks of mine in the past 2 years, so I think you don’t hate so much my

Let me say: I love Envato. It has been my favourite place; now I’m just so confused.

Here’s three tracks rejected by Envato.
Not pieces of history in music I guess :smiley: …but…well, I think they’re not so ugly!

I always upload 5 versions: main, 30 secs, 60 secs, loop, logo. Every track is in wav and mp3 format.
I mean…is it for this? Too much “memory”?
I really don’t understand , so every advice (from authors, everyone) can be helpful.
Thank you!


P.s. Well, to prove it’s not just paranoia, I want to add my thoughts on another fact.
During the christmas time I thought it was cool to create a second profile, to submit only exclusive music for Envato, as I see many authors do the same.
So I produced a new track. I took a track from non-exclusive portfolio that HAD NO SALES, and submitted both.
They were rejected.
Even the track that was accepted for non-exclusive portfolio. (WHY??? )
I thought “well, maybe during christmas time there are a lot of submissions”.
So I submitted the tracks to non-exclusive account. ONLY the previous track is now was accepted. (Why for exclusive is not ok and for non-exclusive is ok?

I mean, really, let me know if I’m making some big mistake.

Hello @Porrazzo. I think “New Product” is a way too experimental for audiojungle. My oppinion about the rejection reason of the other two tracks is the mixing and sound quality. “Sun in the sky” sounds a bit thin, too much highs in there. I heared a few of your other tracks from your portfolio, they were mixed well. Compare them :wink: Wish you the best for your next submissions!

Mate, the last two issues have been rejected by me and I am very frustrated. I have 8 rejections in the short time that I am in Audiojungle and the truth I do not understand.

Sometimes I look for some e mail with direct Envato members, but it seems it is hard to find.
Do you know if is there an Envato “service” ? Don’t want to start a quarrel but definitely I’d like to have some answer

Hello FOXY!
Thanks for your feedback, it’s really appreciated and some feedback always helps to improve.
I agree with many things that you’re saying.
Anyway, I feel I must do some clafirication:
Please note, I don’t want to complain. I know there are a lot of talented people out there and I’m not expecting 123103947 sales on one day, but, yes I have something to say.
Also please note, I don’t want to be polemical with you. You’ve been super gentle and all I want to do is to share some thoughts with AJ community.

  • New product. I agree, it can be too experimental. But what about this? Discoveries
    I admit that (discoveries) was a track inspired by another track on AudioJungle.
    I admit that is a track in which I put so much more work than “New Product”…and I think music speaks on itself about that.
    But also…this is also VERY experimental for sure. But the result is that one of my favourite tracks on AJ has one sales.
    So I thought, maybe AJ is not the right place for an hard work like that.
    I simplify the work and the result is that is TOO SIMPLE and it gets hard rejected?

  • Sun in the sky. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to mix different genres, songs 24/7 and another ear (like your) can help to notice something you didn’t notice.
    For sure, “Sun in the sky” have more highs than Sunny Afternoon. Sunny afternoon is more natural, for sure.
    I have a questions on that.
    What makes a mix “wrong” or “right”? I mean, in nowadays music we can hear a lot of different style with different kind of mixes. You can hear big rock overproduced bands and also super garage bands.
    Who decide what’s wrong or right? I guess it’s a taste matter.
    Let’s say I decided to make it more brilliant than usual (as a band decide to make an overproduced sound instead of a garage sound).
    So it is a WRONG mix?
    What’s the point of this ?
    The point is that I don’t think a “client ear” can focus on different mixes.
    Honeslty I don’t think that a client should not buy a track “because there’s too highs on there”.
    But well… I trust AudioJungle! You think that there are too highs? Just say it!

I think it would be correct to “hard reject” a track only where you can notice BIG MISTAKES in mixing and/or composing or MASTERING, for example, in which I’m not so strong.
I understand that AJ receive tons of submissions per day, but If the problem is the mix only, why not to write it?
There’s no difference between Hard Rejection and Soft Rejection and it 's definitely a lose/win “contract”.
AJ wins because it takes the “best of the best” only taking the best mixed stuff (for this market…)
Authors lose because they are not allowed to submit a piece in which they put a lot of work, from one to(?) five days.


Doesn’t sounds good?
I mean, it can be ok, It is part of the game but a little more help would be appreciated.
It’s just the process, sometimes it’s frustrating and I little bit unfair, I think.

Peace and love to everyone, sorry for the big post and thanks to everyone who read it.
A little less love to my reviewers ahahahahahah :smiley: ( but a LOT OF LOVE IF THEY EXPLAIN ME EVERYTHING THANKS :smiley: )

Of course they do, why wouldn’t they?

Authors doesn’t lose in my opinion because the result is a marketplace with higher quality items that attracts more customers.

Maybe reviewers would have time to give better feedback on rejections if authors didn’t submit already accepted items?

1- Of course they would. This is good , my conversation was on the entire process.
But it’s ok.

2- Like above.

3- Really I don’t get this one.
What’s wrong with creating a second portfolio of exclusive music?
I just wanted to start with an exlusive one: I thought "ok, instead of submitting only one song, I prefer to submit two"
One was created from zero, one was taken from the non-exclusive.
That track I took from non-exclusive NEVER sold on Envato or ANY other market, so I’ve been completely honest with that.
And it was GOOD to Envato because it has been accepted.
But It was not GOOD for the exlcusive
Plus, it was the first and only time I did it but, again, I don’t see what’s wrong with that.
Again,is it a problem?
Right, why they don’t speak to me? Anyway this is another topic: I’m just trying to understand it the argument 1 (too many rejections) and the argument 2 (submission for an exclusive portfolio) are connected or not.

My whole reflection was basically focused on argument 1: It was to say that rejections increased significantly, in my case.
And sorry, again, I fight to get better, I love to to learn ,always, but I’m not a beginner.
I know how much time I spent on one or another track.
Some tracks of my portfolio has been accepted and I worked two days on that.
Some tracks was not accepted and I worked one week.
Again, IT’S FINE, but I don’t think it’s only a matter of quality at the end (on mix and composition)

I am quite a recent author on audiojungle and had 4 of my first 5 uploads approved, five following were rejected, I keep on trying to meet the point, where AJ accepts my files. I upload one track every day currently. It is kind of roulette, but I try to guess, what the reasons could be, if a track is rejected. Mostly I can follow to a certain point, although having your work rejected always is disappointing.
Listening to tracks from other users, as yours, seems less difficult, because there is a type of distance to judge.
I listended to the three files here in this thread and also to some of your portfolio files. I can imagine, why the three tracks here were rejected. It seems, that your mixing and mastering quality on you portfolio tracks is better. It is difficult to describe, as it has to do with feeling and not with anything calculable. The rejected tracks for me are missing some kind of volume and transparency. Musically I think, they are a bit inconsistent, if you understand, what I mean.
Perhaps it would be a good approach to create tracks, that are simple on one hand but not boring on the other. To find this balance seems to be crucial.
I consider creating tracks for a more “use and throw away” purpose different from producing music, that stands for itself. It is a bit like in the graphics. Maybe your graphic is art, but the main purpose is to transport something beyond the artwork itself. In this case art is the slave for something else.

Thanks for your feedback Algo, maybe this is useful more than expected.
At the end, of course, we’re to try to make good music; maybe, we have to let our hearts speak more, even if we’re doing music for commercial or podcast , which is cool anyway :slight_smile: