URGENT NEED HELP! For more than a month I have not accepted my tracks.

URGENT NEED HELP! For more than a month I have not taken my tracks and I am at a loss. WATCHED THAT OTHER AUTHORS ARE DONE AND WAS IMPRESSED AS THEIR TRACKS TAKEN AND MY NO. Where’s the justice? What are their criteria? You write a live track with insistent musicians do not accept it, but they take it written on vst instruments in 15 minutes, where is the logic? I give my track to audition on the link that I work 2 days. Prompt authors tell me. thank


Monotonous. If this is a live game why didn’t you make it more diverse? Your track turned out so that the entire length of the melodies of different instruments are added, but need them to change each other.
So the track is going to sound diverse.

it’s the same for advertising, I can’t put a solo then they’ll definitely not accept it. and there is no exact criterion if they wrote in the sand that they say “we would like more different parts and a more expressive melodic line” and you think what is wrong

You have 2 guitar melodies that’s when the second guitar starts playing, the first guitar needs to be done as support, but you are left in the same form. Make a replacement, but not an addition.

That’s right, this is a roll over of two instruments.

Good! then what’s wrong with this track?

What’s wrong with that?

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Hi there OP I really liked the track in your OP, it got my foot tapping. I would have maybe made the drum beat @ 0:33 more baroque until the bassline kicked in, but that’s just me. Can’t think why it was rejected, maybe examiner doesn’t realise the “Audio Jungle” watermark is just a watermark? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe some mixing issue that l can’t hear myself.

thanks for the answer. If they said that it does not suit, I would immediately reworked. I showed my tracks to many people and everyone was in great admiration. there was one track that I wrote in 30 minutes and it was accepted immediately, and those over which they work for days do not take

I shield that you need to raise the question, so that the reviewers write what exactly does not suit them, because the track can be redone for 10 years

I want to draw your attention: Inventing new ideas for commercial music is allowed only to elite authors. For some reason, Envato decided that only elite authors are able to implement ideas that customers will like).

thanks for the answer! But I am just on a par with elite authors. But when I buy a track, I go out and get in touch with the buyer and show them the demo of my tracks that were rejected and they could not understand why my jungle track is not for sale and I have to sell it in a non-jungle, although this is not very convenient. It’s time for the team to get involved in new trends and it’s all on the old ones. Review all my tracks, I got a lot of feedback from outside the jungle and they were all honors. As Envato loses money, so do I.

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Envato has announced a new method of working with authors ’ subjects. We need to wait and see what it looks like. I have only one question: When will it be implemented in a year, five, ten years?

I hope AJ is prepared to take creative risks, l don’t know if they do or don’t already.

It’d be nice if ppl visited not just to discover AJ’s music, but to discover music. I think the future of music could then be places like this (rather than reverse direction where radio influences advertising). Music that doesn’t need lengthy storylines, just the hard core, music where ordinary folks can once again make money through sweat like in old times.

I can say one thing, all the music that is on the jungle is the same and all the authors repeat someone’s idea and it turns out that everything on jungle is a carbon copy. Question: how can a company choose something modern and trendy? Many companies hire authors for their own projects and the jungle is left out. There is such information that many companies and authors throw an audio dagger pad. If in 2019 the situation does not change on a jungle there will be a big fall. A company that is engaged in shooting for Mercedes wrote to me from Japan and asked for my track, and SUPER SPECIALISTS do not accept c jungle. So who will trust me? It is necessary to change or train people in a new way.
I hope that someone from the company executives will read this post and start changing jobs for the benefit of the company and for the benefit of the authors. ON JANGLA ALL UNDER A COPY AND A NEW NO NOT. GUYS WAKE UP AND LET WORK TO OTHERS

Man! You have super flawless music, it is not clear why they did not accept. For the sake of interest, I looked at what others are writing and compare, there are such tracks that HORROR are full. You’re cool. I wish a lot of sales

Hi there, I checked out your tracks and in my humble opinion the first thing that came to my attention is the sound of the drums. They seem a little outdated. While the music sounds great (specially the jazz one) the drums where lacking some “modern or actual” sound. In the case of “motivational aj” the “hey” shout is all over the place and the drums are kind of strange.
I would start making changes in that department. Obviously you are great musician but selling tracks in AJ, has little to do with that .Is more about the ideas, sounds and market usability
Good Luck!

Thank you so much for your answer and advice. I’ll revise the drums

They gave me advice equal to the elite authors, so I did it. But one thing confuses me, all the authors have the same music

Thank you so much for your answer and advice. I’ll revise the drums