My experience with ENVATO

Dear Envato Team,

This is to share unfortunately my bad experience with Envato products in general and your authors quality of work as well as the silly support provided.

First of all, I have bought many themes and dealt with my authors for support. Honestly, it’s not acceptable to buy a theme where it was designed in purpose to be either impossible to customize or getting the feedback from the author source, so the customer has no choice except buying extra services!

Moreover, most themes I have bought are unstable and in case of any updates or changes it leads to a vital error!

I am surprised and frustrated to tell you that, one of your author was unable to tell me how to add my country currency from the theme options, and later on it was part of customization! the theme is (name removed) and when I tried to add it manually, the theme doesn’t respond properly!

Anyhow, I am writing this to you, so you can enhance your control measures on whatever offered in your platform ; as for me, I fed-up and I will look for different provider…

It’s undeniable, how your team as Envato’s team is cooperating and assisting, but as a customer I need a good product free of headaches…

Kind Regards,

Sounds good… what would you suggest?

some control measures should be placed such as:

-checking the materials, codes of themes/template submitted

-examine the product to be updated, modified by the buyer independently without going back to author unless special customization is demanded

  • Make it clear in terms and conditions that the submitted code shouldn’t take online feed from the author as in this case, it turns to be a program or a software license not a theme - this point should be clear for both parties

the above are just examples; and if they do exist in envato, it needs to be implemented properly and clearly to both parties.

moreover, support services are not acceptable where the response time is not governed and there is no way to evaluate the support services provided!

Just adding our thoughts to this (like @SpaceStockFootage if there are realistic options then it would be great to implement them)

We’ve bought more than most, and can honestly say that very very few have been uneditable (beyond the obvious limitation that we would have been aware of pre-purchase).

The issue is that requiring feedback from authors or hiring help will always depend on the buyer’s expertise and skill set and there is simply no way to cater to everyone. Of course deliberately complicating matters is not right, but I highly doubt many authors do this (simply on in their interests as it will bump up support requests) and sometimes more advanced skill requirements are just unavoidable.

Again, I think you have just been unlucky as for most authors these updates are checked and reviewed. Of course, they can’t be checked against customizations that have been made by a buyer

While this is odd - if it wasn’t in the original demo then it’s not unreasonable to call it a customisation

This is done. For sure sometimes things get through that shouldn’t but it’s just as common (if not more common) to be something unrelated

Can you explain this one? Are you suggesting that an item is to be reviewed including a buyer’s modifications?

Authors do this to protect both themselves and buyers from fraud, but also, when you buy something here you are buying ‘the right to use an item’ not the item itself.