I bought a new template, but the authors never responds to my "ask for support" emails


I purchased a wordpress template for my website, I installed it and customized it, but I have some issues and glitches with the menus and sliders, I keep emailing the support team but they never respond. What should do I do?

This is the theme that I purchased:

The name of the author company: Upper Themes.

When you customize the item, after that point it’s your responsibility to fix the bugs as it’s not covered by the support, it doesn’t come from the theme, it comes from the modification you have performed.

If you’re unable to fix it by yourself, find a freelancer to do the job for you.

Can any freelancer fix it if it is problem with theme, or this freelancer must have that theme and theme license?

I have problem with Olars theme, it was updated 19.06. as it states on Envato market and after that day my website is half black on desktop. I contacted theme designer but no reply in two days.

And also what is considered customization?
if I changer content of the theme - text, photos, menu item, is that customizations? I mean, that has to be done to make website for yourself.

Depending on the issue, in most cases FTP credentials are required. If you’re looking for freelancer, I’m available, you can contact me anytime.

Some references if you’d like to check:

It’s considered as “content management” rather than “customization”. Modification/customization usually refers code changes.

Yes, I did not change any code, thats too complicated.
I will try to see can I post my own topic to share more info.

The theme already comes buggy. I did not customize anything, I only added the menus, and the menus came stuck to the left. I did not customize or edit anything. I just installed the template, then headed to the menus page, and clicked add menu, and the menu appeared glitched.

The issue with the menus was there before I customize it, it was there with the installation. I emailed the support team, and kept working on other aspects of my website, while waiting for them to respond and help me fix the menu, but they never replied, and they don’t reply to anyone in their forum. People in their forum are begging them to reply to them, but they never do!