my design business card qualityfull


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With respect these are a long way off the required standard.

  • Images are very pixelated

  • You can’t use trademarks like the Arsenal logo

  • The icons are pixelated, too detailed for that size and would not render well if printed

  • You have issues in all of these with design fundamentals like composition, hierarchy, spacing, alignment and typography

This is arguably the toughest category to get approved in and anything new is going to need to be pixel perfect.

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basically what u have here is to raw and it will take you more design work, more stress on typo and font combinations to possibly make it here , especially in a crowded and saturated category as the card one, whihc is a difficult categoy indeed

as mentioned by Charlie, pixellated previews are not a good idea … and same goes with copyrighted contents as football team logos. in addition , u should rather use line icons but with more complex designs, these ones are too simple, full and everything, in other words , they are neither good looking, worked out or matching the rest …

the poly back one is rather trendy in a way the problem is that u need to have more relief into it, this is flat right now and all shapes are not marching with each other … for the same blue card, the fake logo is not selling as the typo part is reall not good, sorry to say just this …

globally your typo is a bit flat and lacks font combinations, this is impating teh hierarchy of information and makes u fail to make the right texts pop up indeed

for all cards, keep a style and stick to it, icons are hacing once a background sometimes, not , this is impossible to understand why … plus u have in almost all cards some contrast issues linked to colors not differing enough from the background …