My account was locked while paying for the theme.

My account was locked while paying for the theme.

While making a theme payment through my “adflex_medya” account on December 06, 2023, my account was locked.

I sent an email to Envato Support explaining the situation. The answer came from Envato on December 07, 2023.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to our team here at Envato regarding your disabled account.

We have reviewed your request against our user terms and unfortunately in this instance, as outlined in clause 55 we won’t be able to offer you our services.

We appreciate that this may not be the news you were hoping for. We have refunded any recent payments that you have made or that may not have automatically been voided by the payment processor.

As detailed within our user terms, if an account is disabled you will not be able to apply for a new account as unfortunately, you will no longer be welcome to use our services. This decision may also apply to any other accounts you have on other Envato sites.

You can view our full terms and conditions here; Envato Market Terms | ThemeForest

Thanks again for reaching out to us.

Envato Market Help Team

Envato did not specifically explain why it locked my account. Has there been any illegal use or payment made from my account? What will happen to the themes we have previously purchased? Are our business disrupted?

I request Envato to open my account.

Only support can answer anything related to this.

Unfortunately you will not get solutions from forums.

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Envato Support does not give a clear answer. He gives a vague answer. What is the specific reason why they locked my account? I did not make any illegal transactions on my account.

You can only go back to them and ask if they can share more info (they may not)

No one is these forums will be able to answer your question or help you unlock the account

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Tam olarak dalyaraklar kardeşim aynı şekilde bana da yapıyorlar.