I'm complaining about Themeforest. My account is not getting locked

Hello, I bought a lot of themes in my themeforest account, I log in to my account and It looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. You’ll need to contact our support team to unlock it.
I am getting a message.

I purchased a theme within 2 weeks. I made the payment, Envanto withdrew the payment, then refunded the payment to the account, then put a lock on my account. The customer created an account, his account was directly locked to get the theme. What should I understand from here?

I need to have access to the themes I bought in my account because I paid them all and I need to access my licenses.

I need help best regards

You need to speak to Envato Market Help and Support


Unfortunately, I opened a 4th ticket and I’m very uncomfortable with this situation.

So, if it is a very urgent situation, we will be stuck in the middle, sir.

Unfortunately opening multiple tickets actually slows the process. I’m sure support will answer ASAP as they re the only people who can advise on this.

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Thank you so much sir, I wait for solve this problem