account lockout

Attempted to purchase shopkeeper on Themeforest a few hours ago, and was immediately locked out. Tried setting new password, still not allowing me to log in. This is so frustrating!!! Does anybody know how to resolve the issue? I got a very general response from someone via email, but it didnt say much…that it would be forwarded elsewhere. I was looking through old posts, and saw that some people waited for DAYS! Has anybody experienced this? How long did it take to get resolved?

Hey there, and welcome to the community forums. I can assure you that waiting for days only happens in cases of extreme high ticket influx. You can resolve your account issue by contacting Envato Help & Support Center. They will get in touch with you extremely fast but as you mentioned, because the community is based of a few million members, in case of a large influx of tickets it may take up to a few days.

Cheers, and thank you for your patience! :slight_smile: