My account is blocked after buying a theme and i didnt even get FULL REFUND

I just bought a theme yesterday for my client and i got blocked afterward you guys didn’t refund my full money. I want my full money back. This is costing me my client and my client his money back. Me and team has been loyal customer of Theme Forest/Envato for years and i don’t know why all of sudden you guys are being so pathetic

And above all no help response


Unfortunately no one in these forums will be able to help with this.

You need to talk to support Envato Market Help and Support

i tried support no response :confused:

They will reply as quick as possible. They are the only people who can offer any sort of solution unfortunately

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If no one can solve the problems we face in this forum with correct guidance, why does this Forum exist? I’m having the same problem. I did not receive any explanatory response from Envato Support.

This is confidential information that cannot and shouldn’t be discussed in public forums.

Unfortunately this is something that can only be investigated with official envato staff as every case is different, and no one in these forums has any visibility of the reasons for an account being closed or what options may/may not exist to resolve it.

People answering or making any kind of assumption or suggestion beyond how to contact envato’s support risk only adding to confusion or furthering frustration.

The forums serve as a platform for the community to come together for a number of different purposes, but when it comes to private matters like refunds, account status etc. that needs different channels (exactly the same with any big business and their forums).

me too have to thats problem.