My account has been blocked, I Spent Money for Buying theme

Hi Dears
After I spent my money to Buy a theme, about 73 $, My account has been blocked without any reason. Actually it was the first time that I create a user (By my google account) and login to Envato and bought the theme.
But now I can not see my productsand I can not download my theme.
I posted to Help but After 2 days I did not get any answers. I am so angree about this. What should I do?
Thank you

Just wait for the support to respond but most likely your account is not gonna be unlocked - meanwhile, your refund has been already proceed, depending on the bank, it may take up to 7-14 days to see the money back on your account.

Hello and welcome to Envato Forums.
Accounts are locked as security precaution. You can learn more about that here. Envato support team replies as soon as possible and such tickets are prioritized. They don’t work on weekend and that’s why you didn’t receive their reply then. As soon as they get to that ticket they will reply.