Account Locked + paid the theme but can't use it


yesterday i bought the “sprout and spoon” theme. As i finished my payment they told me that my account is locked.
Today it is unlocked without any message of anyone and no one booked the money. So i bought the theme again. This time they booked the money, two hours ago, but when i click on “Downloads” they tell me “You haven’t bought anything yet.”

How do i get my theme? Is this normal?


Locked Envato accounts - read first

Open a help ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.
let us know any other question.


My other question is where i can find my theme.
My account is already unlocked.


Please don’t worry! Assuming that you already opened help ticket. Envato support team will review and assist you to get all solution.


How long does it take in general?
I opend one yesterday and another one today.

please don’t create duplicate ticket and keep patience. Support team will reply all ticket one by one. It can take some more times based on ticket volume. Thanks

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i haven’t create a duplicate ticket. i made one for my locked account and one for the paid theme that i can’t use/find.

okay, hope you will get reply soon. Thanks

hey, I haven’t gotten any reply so far. I have no access to the theme even though i payed for it 4 days ago. I don’t get any emails from Envato or a reminder that I sent a ticket. Is there a telephone support that I can reach or any other possibility? Or can I get my money back because I paid and nothing happens?

Hey there mate. Envato Support is dealing with a backlog of tickets at the moment which may explain the slow response time. You can always send them your ticket number via @envato_help on Twitter. A representative will get in touch with you there and up the ticket priority.

Sorry for the late reply on behalf of the Support Team, but on rare occasions the volume of tickets gets incredibly high.


Hi, where do i find my ticket number?

thanks for the help


Good evening,
where exactly I find the number at this link? I can only create a new ticket there. Or let’s say, I can’t find anything else than creating a new ticket.
Thanks again

You have to go through that link.Fill up a form with your problem related selectbox then send or submit that form a ticket will automatically coming in you envato account mail address

No, i haven’t got a mail until now and i allready created 2 ticket 4 days ago.

Then wait for their reply. They will help you out from your issue.
keep patience.