My account has been locked. The answer is very strange!

I am a new member. I like the theme. I entered the necessary information to purchase. While making the payment. It said my account was locked.

When I asked this, the answer I got was this; Regrettably, after further investigation, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.

Ok, I understand, but why?

Payment problem?
Missing entry?
Is it a different problem?

I don’t know exactly what the problem is. There is no solution! There is no alternative method!

So how will I proceed? Anyone know this?

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Get in touch with envato market help center they would like to assist you.

Detailed thread about account locked .


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Have you ever done any charged-back ( by the bank ) before? This is the common reason. You’re probably black-listed.

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Yes, I spoke to the help desk, but the answers are always the same. There is no solution!

The credit card with which I paid may be closed for international transactions. I’m not sure of that. But then I opened a new account. I also tried it with a credit card that does not have an international usage problem. Again same result. My account has been locked! Why is that? Do you have a grudge against me?

They do not offer a solution. They don’t say do this, act like that. They just say we used our discretion and blocked your account. I am not doing anything illegal. This answer is ridiculous!

Very wired, usually Envato support is top-notch…