Must I provide a model release for my photo?

In my first upload to GraphicRiver (Resume Template) I’m using a photo of me and since I don’t have a scanner :sweat_smile: I’m wondering if I have to provide a model release for it :sweat_smile:?

LOL hi normally all pictures of people unless u own the rights to use them commercially are not supposed to be included in the main file that u submit …

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Hello everyone,
Why my Template was rejected? and some advice, Please

“We have completed our review of “Graphic and UI/UX Designer CV / Resume” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”


hi, well if u ask me the first thing is that the global style is too dark all the same … i know this maybe not necessarily an issue for all activities, though , on the other hand , this is decreasing the commercial potential of this work …

part of the main thing that i clearly identify is that u still a bit of a contrast issue here and there and the thing is resulting from two main things indeed : the typo which is too thin sometimes and the colors of elements and the background not differing enough actually …

this is directly linked to what i expressed just above … in the end some of your texts not really being readable …

i think that somehow one way u need to manage to make items differ a bit more from each other , make sure to categorize a bit more and insure that some items and texts spring out more than what u have this far …

about me
this is sort of a detail only though all details may matter and in my view it would be better for u to use a list rather than a very “written paragraph” as most of the people, are expecting resumes to be read quickly , to emphasis the main things clearly and quickly so that a recruiter does not “lose time” out of going to pick up the main pieces of information they are looking for …

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Thank you, bro :heart:

u are welcome buddy :slight_smile: if u believe that u have tools enough to improve your item, u can check the “solution” box :slight_smile: