Feedback on my rejected Resume template

Recently my Resume template got hard rejected with reason it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward. !

It’s actually one of my best selling items on stock sites (Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and 123RF). So, not sure why the reviewer rejected it.

Can someone please provide feedback on this?

Thank you.

It’s not bad but given this is one of the most competitive categories there’s def room for refinement

  • spacing of right hand side bar item is inconsistent

  • generally font sizes are quite small and tricky to read in places

  • body typography could be better (font choices, line height etc)

  • there is quite excessive empty space to the right of skills and education which may benefit from alternative layouts in these sections

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Thanks for your feedback. Even if I refine it, how much would be the chance of approval success?
Just to know whether I should invest my time for that. :grinning:

It’s such a crowded space, and whilst your design is ok, it’s not revolutionary so you do probably need to be realistic about sales potential.

That said, I don’t think you are a million miles off so perhaps it’s worth the fairly low level investment needed to fine tune things

Maybe extend it and do a cover letter, creative case study page or something to add to the item and make it more distinguished

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I actually thought of a compatible cover letter initially. But later I thought, I could give it as an update to the item after getting the template approved. I think I’ll give it a try now.

Should resume template include InDesign file? I didn’t include one when I submitted it for the review.

What did you submit? An image file?

It has to have fully editable source files, documentation etc. Without this then it will be even be checked properly.

I’m not that noob!
I submitted PSD, Word, AI and Aftemplate files.

What I mean is whether submitting an InDesign file is necessary for resume template?

It’s up to you. If the PSD or AI file is there then it’s more than enough - that’s definitely not your only issue.

Personally, I get that MS Word increases appeal, but from a technical perspective I have never understood why people (buyers) rely or try and use Office products to decide things intended to be properly designed

I even included an OTT file for Open Source Word equivalents.

Not every buyer would have (or experience in using) Photoshop or Illustrator unless they’re following a design profession. That would be a deciding factor.

While that’s true, again just a personal preference but we’ve worked with around 10 resume or booklet templates in Word from here and each one has fallen apart making even the most basic changes.

As with outlook and html email - MS don’t make it easy to work between the multiple variations of their tools

hi pls just post the preview and we will try to help u to get o know what may have been wrong

Hi, I removed the image as I got feedback from user charlie. :slight_smile:

lol ok , as u wish , if u feel like this is enough …