Willing to pay a lot of money to get my template approved here!

Hi All

I have an InDesign Template I have created, which I believe meets all professional design, typography and other requirements for Envato standards, however it has gotten rejected because of the design.

It is a 4 page Resume Template which consists of the following:

  1. Single Page Resume
  2. Portfolio Page
  3. Cover Letter
  4. References

It is available in 2 colors.

I am looking for someone who is willing to look into the template file, and update it so that it may get approved on Envato.

The majority of the work is done, so ideally I would like someone who has managed to have approved templates before on any of the envato sites.

Things I look for:

  1. Update Design or Typography as necessary
  2. Update Layers and Swatches if needed
  3. Create a better description/preview images for the description page once approved.

I will be happy to pay a bonus once approved.

Any questions, let me know.

I agree it is a good option to share your images for some constructive feedback which of course will be free :slight_smile:

No one can guarantee you approval - your best option would be to share images of the design (not the whole source file) here for free feedback from a wider range of potentially very experienced authors and buyers

There are many things to take into consideration when uploading a file to Graphic River. Sometimes, no matter how perfect the file is, it may just get rejected for other reasons.

Take this example - let’s say there are 200 design packages on Graphic River, all featuring different planets made in Cinema4D. Now let’s imagine that one day you decide to do the same thing and build a package with some planets made in Cinema4D that look pretty much the same as the ones already on the website.

In that case, no matter how well the planets are made and no matter how good your package is (I’m talking about the files inside), it may still get rejected, because there are already too many packages featuring the same element on the website.

I told you this because even if you give your design to a person to review it and make it better, it may still get rejected because it may be just too generic or too simple to be on Graphic River. Plus, since you have that attitude, you may think that once you upload that template you’ll make a lot of sales and a lot of money from it.

That’s no the case. There are not a lot of people who manage to make a lot of sales with only one package, and those who actually do, well… it means they did a great job. No offense, but if your item got a hard rejection it may just mean that you did not such a great job as you think.

Post a preview of your template on the forum and ask for advice for free. You may discover you did some mistakes you had no idea exist, and that may be the reason of your rejection.

Good luck!

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my best advice…

envato doesn’t worth that much to pay others to get it approved…PERIOD