Need help from experienced Logo template designer

I am new on graphicriver and i want here as a Logo Template first logo Template design uploaded 3 days ago and it still “Queued for Review” and i don’t know what happen.i will get any response from reviewer or not?i don’t know.

anyone help me or tell me what happen and when happen with me?please give me suggestion about logo template that i can work here professionally.


don’t worry, it may take a week or two to the reviewer to review items, and yes, whether it’ll get approved or rejected you’ll receive an email about it.

Hi there,

But if my logo get rejected, how do I know what is the problem of my logo?

can you please explain this?

you usually get an email from Envato that tell you about about the rejection you’ve got, which may be soft or hard, it’s explained in there.

hi, I received this email…

"Thanks for your submission.

After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘Foundation Logo Template’ isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on GraphicRiver. As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

If you need some help meeting our submission requirements, be sure to take advantage of Envato Tuts+ tutorials, ask for feedback from your helpful community, and check out our support article.

We’d love for you to continue honing your craft and look forward to what you can come up with next time.

Envato Market Team"

They dont tell me what is the problem specifically… how do i know that?

please need help…

that’s all they can say, after all, the reviewer thinks your logo is not ok for commercial use, and suggests you to check tutorials on Tuts+ that may help you, you may post your logo here with a watermark and see if some graphic designer can give you some suggestions about how to improve it

watermark not essential… i’m not worried about stealing my idea… if someone do that… its his/her shame(that he/she cant generate ideas by his/her own) though i came up with something… … :slight_smile: