Hi Friends, I had uploaded the Resume Template for review but it was rejected. I don’t know the actual reason. Could you please guide me so I will take care for those points in future creation. please help me. Thank you very much.

hi for me there are a few potential reasons for this to be hard rejected , especially all was combined altogether … the first of all is that teh typo part is a bit flat and typo issue is much of an important one here , this naturally impacts the hierarchy of information, indeed, nothing is popping out much in a general way , this is vlean but also fantasy free so to speak … then, for m there is much of an issue … all is to compact in my view , spacing is lacking so that texts are “breathing” and are either more readable but also make people more feel like reading …

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Too small edges. I mean all text blocks are too close to the edges and grey lines. Also this item doesn’t bring smth new to the marketplace. It looks too typical and simple


I agree with @n2n44 and @romlam. In my opinion these resume/cover letter templates should be done using only Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint) or iWork (Pages, Keynote) or Open Office (free software) because many customers that looking for these items are usually office users.

Also a great thing is to add modularity for this items which allows customers to easily combine different sections for various job types.

i have personally never said this indeed, besides i do not necessarily agree … what u said about office workers is a point and honestly this makes sens, yes, though , an author is free to use th tools he likes and same goes with customers, they are free to buy or not depending if they find what look for or not … but this is crystal clear that for this type of item, the more formats u offer in the first place, the more likely u will be to sell … it cannot be any other way if all needs are satisfied …

Thank you very much all of you guys for giving me the ideas. Please tell me one more thing, which text size (minimum & Maximum) is better for resume template and business card and spacing between starting text and trim line.

indeed, size of fonts usually matter of who is your “target” this is said that for literate adults the font size should be 9 or 10, if u try to touch older people or young children, the size will increase or if u ever deal with a public not as literate as expected

Thank You so much.

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u are welcome