My first resume template was rejected - need feedback

Hi all creative souls!

I would like to know what is wrong with my resume/cover letter template.
I really don´t know what I should to improve.

Thank you a lot.

Looks nice, I think one reason could be that it might be too simple. That’s an issue that happens a lot, and it doesn’t mean that you’re design isn’t good, not at all, just that there are already a lot of simplistic items in some of these categories and more aren’t really needed.

However, with that being said, here are some things that I think you could improve.

  • The spacing between the columns seems quite small, try increasing the area between them to give the columns more personal space.

  • The category titles, especially on the right side, don’t seem to be properly centred in the columns.

  • Increase the leading on all the text. Having this small amount of leading can make the text look bunched up, and it gets worse when there is even more text. Increasing the leading should make everything look a lot more light and easy to read.

  • The category titles don’t have the same amount of space between them and the bodies of text. “Professional Skills” is closer than “References”, and “References” is much closer than “Awards”. All titles should be given the same amount of space, including “About me” (‘m’ in “me” should also be capitalised for continuity).

  • Centre the address, phone number, and email address with the document. Right now it looks too unbalanced with it being further to the left.

I think doing these things should make it much better.


Yes, the main idea was to create absolutely simple resume, because I have noticed that this style is very prefered here. I do more creative resumes for my clients, but they are similar to resumes which are solded here.

Thank you for your feedback. I think I have to focuse on making grid :slight_smile:

Thank you Xiox.
It’s appreciable !!!