Rejected Resume Template Help!

Good day for everyone. I recently upload for my template but has been rejected. I need some advice for this item. Thank you so much.

hi, i rather like what u have done here indeed but honestly i think that u have some issues to fix and that would help u take your game to the next level if u can get rid of them …

1- hierarchy
for me u have some issues about really setting up primary and secondary information really efficiently and adapt text decoration accordingly … this is something particularly being underlined iwht the name and following line, i would have been making much more sense to have caps for your name and none for the following lin rather than the other way around indeed. Same goes with the boldness / variations that u used to categories that turn out to bolder than the name and thus biggest text element … this is hard to understand in terns of logics

2- spacing
the space between categories does not seem consistent all the way through the document, from top to down and from left side to right one …

3- harmony
do not get me wrong what u have here is cool about harmony in a general way though this is not 100% perfect and honestly the example where u introduce multiplied circles , u end up having squares mixed up with circles and all these are not matching and ruining a bit the harmony that u could manage to generate otherwise

4- alignment
this is not a small deal here … alignment is a major design principle and that has to be a real concern indeed. The thing is that some icons do not look properly aligned in the squared bullet under , like the location one , for instance. Also, in the “reference section” the discrepancy / gap on the left is looking strange rather than in any other thing , this is a harmony killer and , quite frankly , this does not look either a logical or aesthetic choice indeed …

5- execution
for me the illustration for the head is not completely perfect and at a stage where all details matter , this is an issue , keep in mind that raising standards mean that u have to try to do everything as perfect as possible so that u do not end up having the item rejected …

6- what’s what LOL
quite frankly i cannot figure out what the black bullet right next to university is and having it like this, with nothing inside is neither aesthetic no logical if u ask me …


@n2n44 Good suggestion and appreciate .@ADs_TEMPLATES_HOUSE i think you should follow accordingly. THANKS ALL


Thanks for your suggestions!!! Really appreciate!!

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u are welcome :slight_smile: if u have enough clues to get know how to take your game to the next level, pls check the “solution” box, good work and good luck for next submissions :slight_smile: