Music for Logo. Which License? (copyright claim)


I want to buy a track (8-10sec) at Audio Jungle for my logo. The logo always appears at the start of my youtube videos.
Presented as Music Standard License?

What if the Track YouTube Content ID is registered? Then with each video a copyright claim I get?

Thank you.

Sorry for my bad English.

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You’re probably fine with a standard license. It will suffice for a maximum of 52 videos and a maximum of one year period in which they are uploaded.

If the track is ContentID registered, you can contact the author and ask them to whitelist your whole channel. That way you wouldn’t need to provide license info for each uploaded video.

I’ve always wondered about that. Surely if I make a logo animation, then I have used the template only once to create that logo animation… and the logo animation is one end product. Then I can use that one logo animation, which I created from one use of that template, and add that to as many videos as I like… 52, 520, 5200 etc etc.

After all, it’s a single use license, and by creating one logo animation from the template… I’m only actually using that template once. It’s only the end product that I’m using multiple times.

So If I can only use that $17 template 52 times for a series, and I upload 10 Youtube videos a day (unlikely, but could happen), would I really need to spend $59K on licencing one logo animation, that I created from one template, many moons ago?

I could be wrong. I don’t think I am though.

10 videos per day equals to 3650 videos per year. Your license is valid for 52 videos, which means you’d have to buy 3650 / 52 ≈ 70 licenses. 70 * $17 = $1190 per year. :smiley:
Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

But when it comes to these amounts of money, clients usually opt for hiring a composer to create a custom track and getting exclusive rights to it. Or they simply “buy out” the rights to an existing track.

Ok, I forgot to factor in the 52 videos allowance per additional allowance.

Why don’t you create your own track once and keep it forever. We can help you in that if that make sense.

Wow wow now. Isnt this why there are more expensive licenses for audio? And where is the 52 video limit for the music written in the license? ive not seen that.

What would be the best license if you would actually want to upload 50 videos per week with an Audio Jungle music file? Im confused now.