I want to buy a theme song for my YouTube channel, but...

Hi there,
I’m new here, sorry if there is an answer already out there, but I can’t find it if there is.

I have a small YouTube channel. I’ve only have about 125 subs, so naturally I’m not making any financial gain on this. But I like doing it anyway.

I really want to make a recurring intro, so I’m looking into buying music. Something I can use to start nearly every video with. But the licensing is a bit confusing. From what I’ve read on the forum, EACH video I make using any audiojungle song will require I purchase the license again. That’s just more of a headache than I wanted, mentally and financially.

What license do I need to buy it once and be done with it?

If all your videos can be considered as one end product or a series, then the one standard license covers 52 parts of it. So if you make one video in a week for a year - you need one standard license, and after that you need to purchase new license. Maybe someone more experienced will correct me if i’m wrong, but that’s how i understand this.


@Theo_Sound is absolutely correct, that’s how it works.

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Hi, there is another option for you. If your intro is exactly the same in all of your videos, then your end product can be the intro itself. This means that you would only need to buy one licence for that intro and you could use it as often as you like in any of your videos, for as long as you want.
Two things to keep in mind here though: First, if you ever change your intro sequence, ie. new graphics, new logo or text etc. you would need to purchase a new music licence for it. Second, you would need to purchase another licence if you wish to use the same music in any other sections in your videos.


This is all terrific insight. Thank you all! It’ll take me a few years to come up with 52 episodes. Even if I need to buy the license once a year (so I can make more episodes) that’ll be fine. I’m not jumping up and down, but I can live with that.

But I also like the idea that my end product is the intro is the same each time I’ll still be ok. I’ll just have to remember that if I ever tweak it. Boy, I better polish it all the way the first time ^_^;;;

Thanks for the help everyone!