Multi version upload

Hi there!
I would like to upload my next track with the main version and a short version loop (30 sec or so)…i was checking how to do that regarding the preview file…should i comp a preview file with the 2 versions, in one mp3 including the watermark? and should i name the short one like “loop” or “short version”?
thanks it’s not laziness…i can’t find the right answer …
thank you all!!

If you are submitting a sequence of files or a pack, make sure they are appropriately named for clarity and include in your description a list of each file name with the corresponding duration.
If you are submitting a music file submission and have included variations, you must include any that are not direct excerpts from the main track in your preview .mp3. Variations that are direct cuts from the main track do not need to be heard separately on the preview .mp3.

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Thank you SixideBeats you are so kind…!
well i want to add a cut, yes, of the big section…so you mean i have to create one preview file which contains both (and watermark of course)
thank you :slight_smile: