Uploading multiple Track ideas (for 1 song) Help!

I want to upload 2 or more ideas of the same song but it is really unclear on how to do it!
i am afraid that i will try it, wait for 15 days to be reviewed and if it’s wrong will be rejected…
Do i export every different track arrangement one by one?
Or do i create all the ideas within one project? like 8 min long, track1 00:00 - 01:36, track2 1:36 - 2:47, track3 2:47 - 4:00 etc etc…

I would really appreciate some help!

You can submit up to 5 variations of the track. Don’t forget to mention them in the description.

Thank you for the answer!
And the preview mp3? It has to be the main idea?

The preview should include all versions, and add the AJ watermark.
Everything is explained clearly here:

Thank you so much! i appreciate it :slight_smile: