First song on AJ

Hi there,
I just uploaded my first song on envato and i want to know how much time they usually need to reply?

Also, check out song i uploaded, and tell me what you think.
Thanks ! :smile:

I would appreciate any kind of feedback :smile:

Well, they usually need about 3-5 days depending on the week.

Unfortunately, Iโ€™m quite certain this one will not be accepted.

There are some nice ideas here but they would need to be developed further, and you need to use better sounds/samples. The noise sweeps usually indicate that a beat is coming, but it never comes, and the track loses its energy. After 2 minutes it feels like a loop that never goes anywhere.

I would go back to the drawing board on this one and either shorten it or really work on the arrangement and the structure.

It most likely needs new sounds more variation and build with all those noise sweeps.

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Thanks a lot for reply prestashopthemes. I really had high hopes with this one, but after listening to music that got rejected, here on forum, i knew that thereโ€™s a lot of work that need to be done.