Hard Rejected: I would like some feedback from you guys


Hello guys.
So 9 days ago, I submitted my very first item in AudioJungle, and things went horribly sad =(
I just wanted some feedback, in order to help me to find out how can I improve my composition/production standards.
Here is the link for the audio tracks:
SoundCloud Playlist


I like your music! Did you submit these as 6 separate tracks or as a pack?


Hi Hyperpod and thanks for the feedback.
I submitted them as a music pack (and being best-suited for racing games)


I think that might be the reason for the rejection. You have to upload every track separately and as they are accepted you can make a pack containing the already accepted tracks.


What did the mail say?


Our Review team also provided these comments:

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production
(recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial
composition/arrangement standard either, unfortunately.

I was thinking about that (submitting them individually). Maybe there’s one individual track that wasn’t so good as the others, and due to that it became the reason for the whole pack being rejected, who knows.


Here’s from the instructions for uploading a musicpack:

A Music Pack (multiple songs), each pack must contain no more than 10 songs. The duration must not exceed 30 minutes. All tracks in a pack MUST already be existing AudioJungle items. You cannot use the same track across multiple packs. Please add to your description a list of each item contained in the pack, with hyperlinks corresponding to the existing items already on AudioJungle and the length of each respective item. Total the duration of ALL your tracks in your Music Pack, and enter the combined duration into the length field. For more detailed Music Pack upload instructions, see this article.

You can find the full instructions here:


Yeah I failed in this one:
“All tracks in a pack MUST already be existing AudioJungle items.”

Noobish mistake. I must read the rules more carefully.

I will start uploading tomorrow each track individually and then let’s see what happens.

Thank you for your patience by dealing with a newcomer :grinning:


Good luck😀


Almost everyone makes these mistakes in the beginning, mate!
Good luck!


Hi Vinicius,
I am possibly speaking out of turn here, as I have yet to submit stuff to Audiojungle. Work in progress.
Listening to 01 -Weekend Cup… this is a most impressive composition.
I suspect where it falls down is the mixing.
Now coming onto 02 - 250. Please don’t tell me you’re playing the bass? Super impressive.
But again, the mixing is where you fall down.

I am not certain if I am allowed to refer you to external forums where mixing is worked on.
So I won’t.
You have a deep creative well to work from, and by working harder on the production and mixing stuff you’ll be able to promote your music.

Sven Viking


Hey SvenViking.
Thank you very much for you feedback.

First of all I have to admit that I’m not so good at production as I am as a musician. (And yeah it’s me playing the bass in track 2 by the way =P)

I still have a lot to learn in terms of mixing and I’m going to focus on that.

For now, what I’m going to do is submit 2 songs that I really think are good enough to be approved, while the others are ‘going back to garage’ for major improvements.

Well, thank you once again for your feedback, and good luck with your work in progress!