how much flexibility do you have after a track has been uploaded? i.e adding loops, changing genre or title?

I am spending a lot of time making loops and writing description only for the track to be rejected. There for in the future i was just going to submit a full finished track but not put so much time into description and loops until i know it will be accepted.

I think you should just upload the basic track, and a short but suitable description. MAke sure it is still thorough enough to be usable, otherwise you are wasting the reviewers’ valuable time. So don’t leave anything out. But there’s no need to bother with alternate versions etc, they’re not going to reject a track because it doesn’t have multiple versions.

and then loops etc can be added later right?

Yep, although to a certain extent you are wasting the reviewers time if you are making them review the item a second time once you make loops. I think you’ll find that there are hundreds of successful tracks which don’t include loops etc. Why bother? 99% of the time it won’t be any use to the buyer.

From my experience there’s a bit of flexibility but not infinite flexibility. I’ve gone as far as turning one item into multiple items just in one edit, but not more than that.