Newbie Needs Guidance On Edits

I am brand new to AudioJungle in particular and royalty free in general. What edits are typically included when one uploads a track? If the loop is a typical edit, how does one create a loop?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Backbeatsandguitars . Typically one to three edits are included. There is no rule regarding the right number. It’s more about offering flexibility to the buyer, which increases your probability of making a sale.

In a short edit, you might get to the main theme quicker (less intro) and perhaps cover the main theme in an abbreviated manner. It helps to have a different ending in each so buyers have more variations. Also, if you have vocals parts, including a version without those vocals is recommended.

A loop is a short section cut out of the main track - imagine parts of the track that, when looped, would offer the buyer more flexibility for applying it in the background. I create the loop section within the DAW arrangement (MIDI and audio parts) that contains all edits I’ve created and plan to bounce to WAV and MP3 files. When you copy and paste a section of the main track to create the loop section, be sure to gate the start and end of each track with fader automation so that no tails exist. Check how the loop handles the beginning and end loop using your DAW repeat or looping function prior to bouncing it to audio. When you render the loop to audio, be sure to set the loop function appropriately within you DAW. Loops can only be rendered to WAV format because MP3 does not handle it very well.

Regarding loop creation I bet there are plenty of videos out there. Give that a try for more detailed instruction.

Hope it helps and good luck!

Aside from the main track, I usually include an Underscore (No Melody), as well as edits that are :60 :30 and :15. Good luck!

@MidnightSnap and @StudioCatMusic

Thanks so much for your respective responses.

So, we would create a loopable section, but we leave the actual looping to the buyer?

That is correct.

When uploading the files for review, are all the edits submitted as one long file the way they are displayed on the AudioJungle website, or are the files uploaded individually?

As suggested, I made 15, 30 and 60 second edits, along with an underscore. I laid them out end to end in my DAW, so that I have a total file length of about 5:15, comprised of the main track and all of those individual edits.

I was able to upload my files to the server, but I can’t seem to enter the track lengths for the various edits in a way that satisfies the requirements. I keep getting formatting errors about the way I am entering the track lengths in the “additional track lengths” box, despite the fact that I am following the instructions about spaces and commas. This makes me think I’m doing the whole thing wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Backbeatsandguitars, I do the same edits - 15s, 30s, 60s and some type of variation (stinger, loop, underscore) plus the main file. You will need to generate two files for upload. The first is a zip file containing all of your final files for sale. The second will be a preview file which has all of your items for sale with a watermark. I recall that the track length input was a bit fussy for me too initially. Just make sure there aren’t any extra spaces (particularly on the final entered value), errant commas and that you’re following the formatting guidelines exactly. You’re on the right track!

Thanks, @singhstudio.

I did manage to complete the upload after I left my post, however, I’m not at all sure I did it right. If I failed in some particular like inserting the edit lengths in a way that isn’t correct, I assume that would result in only a soft rejection?

Yup, I made a mistake early on from a technical perspective (included more than 5 total items) which only resulted in a soft rejection.