Question about preview file..putting the loop before the main song?


I have a track i am working on…it starts off a bit slow and builds up continuously to an amazing climax. I want the listeners to make it all the way there. I want to make a separate loop of the final part of the song anyways…Am i allowed to put that first in the preview file? Thanks!


I don’t see why not. It’s generally a good idea to show off your track in the first few seconds and then have other versions available, with longer intros and whatnot.


A long time ago I though of a similar thing, with the shorter version. I put it as the first song in the preview. And it was approved but using the price for a minute track, despite the fact that the 2 minute version was included.

Not answering your question, but sort of :walking:


Yes, You can do it, definitely!


I think it’s good idea to put short version of track at the begining of preview, because buyer will be listening full tune only if he likes intro.
Show them what you got in the first place! :wink:

Good luck