The order of the version in the preview file, customer's interest

Hi, I have a question about including short versions in the preview file.
Does it affect your volume of sales in some way?
If you include other versions in an overview file, should the shortest (fast intro) versions be placed in the first place?

I think that the potential buyer would like to hear the “full sound” of the song as fast as possible.
Currently, I’m doing something like this: 60s | 30s | 15s | FULL version

I am asking for your opinions.


Yes it’s important for buyers to have many versions of your tracks. It affects sales.

Yes the order in preview is important too. Cause if you put the 30s version first, buyers can think it is the main one. So it can affect sales maybe.

In preview file it’s common to put your Full version first, then you do what you want, 30s before 60s…


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Usually I put the full version first, though in some cases I’ll put the 60-second edit first, if it “feels” like it would be more effective. I have no data to determine which is preferable…

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I think that “what version” first always depends the style of the track.

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How many versions do you guys usually make of a track?

~15,30.60 SEC, 3 versions + FULL