Audio Preview Track Variation Question

Hi. If I have a 2 minute long track and I want to include a 30 second variation, and that 30 second variation is almost a direct cut from the original track, but only has a slightly longer held chord at the end of it, should I include the variation as a separate part in the Audio Preview Track? What does AJ prefer? I know it says if it is a direct cut there is no need to have a separate part on the Preview, but I wonder with very small variation such as mentioned above what the best thing to do would be. Thanks for any help!

You should include it in the preview. Many buyers use the preview to work with their video as a preliminary example of the finished product. That held chord at the end of the short version (or anything else associated with the modified version) might just be the ticket to make the project work - and make you a sale. If you don’t have it in the preview, none of that may come about. I think It’s worth it to include all versions in the preview.

Include it :slight_smile: Some buyers do not have basic knowledge and even software to make cuts in a proper way.

Thanks alot. I appreciate the help!

Thanks for the help!