60 & 30s versions, how important is it to offer these versions?


This question is for the veterans:

It makes a really difference (in number of sales) have a 30 and 60s versions of a track?

What´s your experience on that?


I find that in my experience it helps to have a few different versions, especially for the longer ones that are almost always going to be cut up to fit what they’re used for.

It’s really just about given the purchaser more options to use with less editing effort for them, so it makes sense.

I did additional versions sometimes in the past but now I don’t. I didn’t see the connection between sales and amount of versions. Also sometimes clients think that item length in the zip they downloaded must be exactly like preview and get confused when they realize it isn’t. So I decided that additional versions are not so necessary, at least in my case. But it would be interesting for me to hear buyer’s opinion

I’ve always wondered that myself. I’ve seen a fair few of my tracks being used with the shorter versions instead of the long one so I guess if I’d not offered 60 second and 30 second edits I probably wouldn’t have got those sales. I think the kind of projects that you imagine using your track will probably dictate whether it’s worth it or not.

I think, in general, these specific edited versions work for advertise ( a commercial must have 30s), so maybe if you know your music doesn´t work for advertise there´s no need to do it… but it just a thought