Music Pack question

So… I want to create a music pack and possibly include instrumental versions of vocal tracks. How is the right way to do this?

  1. track 1 vocal version
  2. track 1 instrumental version
  3. track 2 vocal version
  4. track 2 instrumental version

Should they all be included in the preview? Will the above count as 2 files or 4?

If I can’t do it like this, can I make 2 packs, one with vocals and one with instrumentals, or is that a violation of the rules that the same item cannot be included in two different packs?

I’m quite sure I tried this “the hard way” some time before but I’ve forgotten about it now and I can’t find any specific info in the help section.

You definitely need to have all the audio files in the preview. That much is absolute!

Way I’ve done it in the past is I just calculate the duration of all the “Main Audio Files”, and have that be the total track duration. (So calculate as 2 files.) The buyer is getting those additional tracks for “free” when they license them separately, so why should they be charged more when bundled?

Right? I’d love to be corrected though! :sweat_smile:

And can always give the Prep Guide a look-y through:

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Right, makes sense :sunglasses:

I’ll go with that and we’ll see.

It helps to think of it in terms of item links. Any distinct item link can only appear in only one pack in the library.

So you cannot make one pack of Main tracks, and another pack of said tracks’ variations.

As for the preview, the main version must be heard, with variations (which are themselves optional to include in the zip) optionally heard on the preview.

That means, if you do include the variations in the pack, you can put them on the pack preview or not. As long as the description accurately describes all that’s included in the zip, with the specific unique item links (don’t need to repeat them for vars in the pack’s description), you’ll be ok.


Thanks Adrien!