Mr Tailor & WooPayments 6.2.0 or higher Crashes site


I have Mr Tailor Theme on my WordPress WooCommerce site & when WooPayments updated its plugin to 6.2.0 the product page would just cycle after choosing options, It would not allow you to add anything to the cart.

Developer installed a previous version 6.0.0 & turned off auto-updates & my site worked again. A couple days later WooPayment Plugin auto-updated anyway to 6.0.1 and still worked for a few days, then all of the sudden on a Friday, the cart wouldn’t allow any payments to go through. My Host said it was stuck in a never ending loop.

I was recommend to switch hosts. Site working again… Re-connected WooPayments plugin & it was now version 6.2.2 & product page couldn’t add to cart again???

Previous version installed again to WooPayments 6.1.1 by new Developer - Site working again.

Anyone else had this problem?

WooCommerce says its a Theme Problem, Developer says its a Plugin Problem???

Clone/copy the website and change the theme to the default WordPress. If the issue is solved, it’s theme issue, if the issue still persists, it’s WooCommerce issue.