Woo commerce checkout not working plus a few other issues- I'm so confused!

Hi guys

I’m having a hell of a morning trying to figure out why my woo commerce shop is essentially broken.

There are a few separate issues that I’m having:

  1. Basket & checkout pages not loading with force SSL or with http://

I have the following pages set up with the woo commerce short codes:



The pages do not load.

I had the ‘force SSL’ option checked in the woocommerce settings for obvious reasons, but I think this was upsetting the situation and seeing as I use paypal to process payments I think it’s ok to remove this setting. I’ve done this hoping that it will fix the problem. It does not (well, the basket page now loads, but the checkout still doesn’t).

I’ve updated my woo commerce plugin today and also had my php upgraded as well as my size limit increased by my hosts, ipage. I purged my cache in Cloudfare and cleared all cookies. Still the pages don’t load.
When I check with https:// both pages display ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
When I check with http:// basket loads but checkout never does (just the website menus etc all intact but a spinning wheel where the page content should be)

I can see a message in the back end stating: ‘Your theme (MightyMag) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.’

Could this be the problem? Can anyone explain to me how to fix this without breaking anything?

  1. Add to cart not working

My product catalog pages have the add to cart icon beneath each product. Clicking this does not add to cart - it redirects to the single product page. The add to cart icon within the page does not work either… :weary:

So, my customers cannot add to cart, nor can they check out :frowning:

  1. Woo commerce visibility option not performing with new user registration plugin

The final issue I’m having is that I’ve installed the plugin : Front End Users Plugin (paid for premium version) to have a bit more control over the user registration process etc. The most important thing for me is that the product prices are only displayed to logged-in users. I’ve set the woo commerce visibility options to show only to logged in users, then run a few tests to ensure that it works. It doesn’t. All my prices are still hidden to users logged in through this plugin. Hmmmmmm… any ideas?

Wish I knew how to check code etc. without potentially breaking things… I’m sure there’s a simple solution to all of this… can anyone advise?

Thank you so much for reading my complex issues - I really hope someone can give me a hand with this.

Laura x