Most of the themes are not supporting !

Most of the themes do not support the latest WordPress versions…

In Templates kits CSS styles are not imported, we have to do the design manually (this is the common error we are facing )

Please before uploading the theme to the Envato element verify it … some of the themes are not opening in the Envato elements only.


Pay careful attention to the item type you download and what the requirements are.

WordPress handles two display product types found on Elements, WordPress Themes and Elementor Template Kits.

WordPress themes are full frameworks built around a variety of plugins and may or my not include elementor. They provide the functional code that interacts with the database to feed content to the front-end that people see. Themes are installed through Appearance > Themes in WordPress. Do not install Template Kits this way.

Elementor Template Kits are for Elementor only and are just the page layouts for displaying your content. Elementor uses blocks of front-end code that handle the display of information and are dependent on the underlying theme to interface with the CMS, and plugins to handle the individual functionality.

Template kits will be built around varying sets of addons depending on the author you purchased from. Many kits are built specifically for Elementor Pro, which is the premium version of Elementor, so please be sure to read the item descriptions to understand what they include or require. All kits are quality checked by envato and will work with the current version of WordPress. However, if they have not been updated by authors in more than 2 years, plugins they use may have introduced changes the kit does not showcase.

Template Kits are installed using the Envato Elements plugin, or directly through Elementor > Tools

Note that Elementor itself will give compatibility notices on the Envato Elements plugin (and Elementor addons) everytime it is updated, but we can ensure you it works as intended. Our plugin is not an Elementor addon so does not declare Elementor versions.

The following guide provides detailed steps for install and setup of Elementor Kits:

Your kit may have further instructions in the item description for working with other addons such as header/footer plugins or form plugins.