My theme won't install


I’m currently using Wordpress with the Elements extension, everything is fine, my server configuration is OK and when I check the Server Requirements in the Elements configuration everything is Green.

When I go on a template kit and try to install it it take a long time and when it’s about 20/25% I got a error that only say “ErrorType : Load failed”

Can someone help me ? I try everything with my host (adding memory, upload size…)

Have you tried to contact the theme author?

The problem is with Envato Elements, I try 8 themes, I don’t think that 8 themes don’t work like that :frowning:

There may be some information at the support links:

I don’t try to import it manually (with file upload) but directly from the store where alll the template are and my error is not “Invalid Template…” :frowning:

More informations :

I have tried to uninstall all my plugins (Not elementor and elements)
I have updated wordpress to 5,9,1

Changed the Permalinks to Post name

Nothing work…

Just continue to press random things and change 10 themes more and you might have a winner. Cheers.

As the theme comes from Elements, it’s not supported by the author therefor you can’t ask support from them.

What I can offer is, at this point for paid support ( Installation Service ) if you’re interested in

Otherwise, you will need to figure it out by yourself. Could be server side issue

The theme is supported because it’s on the Envato Element Extension for WordPress

Then contact the support team

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Facing the same issue with my website. Any good recommendation and reliable solution is highly appreciated

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The issue was due to my server.

When I changed to an SSD server with more perks everything work alright !

Try to change your server or hosting company