Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day



I am glad to present you 2 wonderful compositions for any romantic scene, love story or any other romantic video.

  1. by Light_Sound

  2. by ALEX_BESSS


Hi, i think, that this two tunes is ideal for Romantic and Wedding, Love stories and other purposes for Valentine’s day theme or just for any love and romantic media.

First by @GoodMusicMood (very romantic and atmospheric)

Second by @ALEX_BESSS (love and inspirational)


This is items of is simply beautiful with the light piano melody going trough the track. The strings complete the romantic setting. Romantic and still happy.



My choice:

  1. Paris by @LumenMedia. A soft and gentle jazz track. Very atmospheric music about the most romantic city on earth - Paris
  2. To Be Inspired by @ALEX_BESSS Sensual and emotional track, perfect for video about love. Simple, dynamic and memorable.


Absolutely high-quality tracks that are ideal for any video project, or even a movie! I recommend!

  1. My own work. With live guitar and live cajon

2 Excellent romantic music, which will not leave even the most spoiled criticism aside!


Very clear and high-quality tracks! They will be relevant in any given day! Although February 14, at least in any other !!!





My choice is:

  1. Zyyura - True Feelings
    This track is so quiet and likes the warmth) Poetic guitars attribute of romance and intimacy of lovers)

  2. CoffeeMusic - Love
    Simple and sweet melody and romantic mood elevation. Subtle feeling and the beautiful background music)

:heart:I wish you a nice Valentine’s Day:heart:


Gentle Piano 3

An amazing gentle piano track.The romantic mood is great for Valentine`s Day!

Romantic Proposal
by BDKSonicMusic

The mood is very inspirational, refined and evokes the feelings of romantic Valentine`s evening.


Romantic mood and that’s it!

This music is inspiring and encouraging! This music carries the most vivid and memorable emotion! It’s not just love music and some romantic music! This music is love! I love that unites us all!

  1. @AMZA


  1. by ALEX_BESSS
    Very sentimental, awesome and simple melody, inspirational strings. Good!
    by MagicMusicStudio
    Interesting harmony, very bright spiccato, wide and pump drums. Like!



I imagine a track with piano, strings, cello, bells. It’s quiet and inspiring romantic melody.

And also I recommend to track the author ALEX_BESSS
it is easy, and the positive air track, with a beautiful melody and a romantic mood!


Two of my favorite tracks, I like them in that very convey the mood of love, romantic love, thanks to which I want to love and be loved!





Hi) My choice is this:

  1. Love Story by @Artyom_Telegin
    This is my track:) Very inspiring track for inspiring projects, romantic wedding videos etc.!

  2. To Be Inspired by @ALEX_BESSS
    Inspirational, beautiful and emotional music. Ideal for video editing, romantic wedding videos, inspiring projects


“Emotional Piano” is all about acoustic piano and orchestra strings. An inspiring and beautiful soundtrack. Warm, encouraging, immense feelings for your media work. This track suits perfect for your emotive projects or inspirational commercials projects, motivational, wedding and romantic videos. Nice atmosphere and background.

Inspirational, beautiful and emotional music. Ideal for video editing, romantic wedding videos, inspiring projects, motivational presentations, and more. Piano motif, elegant and wide violin, emotional outbursts and gentle, sentimental moments are present in the track ” Inspired.”


My choice:

@AMZA - The great romantical track


@SoundManX - My great valentine day track


  1. “Romantic” by gvsmusichouse Very beautiful, romantic and atmospheric track, just perfect for Valentine’s day :slight_smile:

  2. “Bright Romantic and Beautiful” This is my track in style downtempo, lounge. Beautiful melody and slow rhythm. Good positive track :slight_smile:



Hi! I would like to suggest the following track listing:

  1. Inspirational, bright, beautiful and emotional - Inspiring Story by @Glebator

  2. Amazing, inspirational, emotional and romantic - To Be Inspired by @ALEX_BESSS