looking for this music or something similar please help!!


looking for this music or something similar please help!!


Hi, Christina. Let’s try this.

It has 2 versions. One is inspiring mood and another one is emotional mood. Good luck.


Hi Christina,
This has a very similar vibe. I hope you like it.


Hello, Christina!
Maybe you would like one of these two tracks:

Have a nice day!


I think this is close but please listen and decide for yourself.



Hello, Christina. This has a little more playful vibe but still maybe it can suit your project.


I think this would fit nicely as a substitute. Please check it out. Good luck with the project!


Hi @christina !
Maybe this song is a good fit for your project?




Hello Christina,

You might be interested in this track: Brand New Day


Maybe it will be perfect for you: http://audiojungle.net/item/sentimental-piano/15339988 “Sentimental Piano”.

Good Luck!


Hi Christina,

These tracks might suit your project, let’s try.


May be this? Gentle, positive and uplifting http://audiojungle.net/item/ambient-piano/14781134


Hey. You can try this.



Maybe this could be an option to consider :slight_smile:
soft, chill out and reflective:

-Modern technology


Might as well join in, this track would suit you… Corporate


Here us my suggestions:


Try these: