Searching for sentimental music for a commercial...

Hi all! I already posted this in the audio forum before I realized I probably should’ve posted it here. Apologies for the double post.

I’m looking for music for a 30-second commercial. I’d like something that starts out sentimental/sweet, maybe with a piano line, and then develops into something a little more upbeat and inspirational around the 15-second mark. I can edit a longer track down if needed.

This track is an example of what I’m going for:

Thanks for your suggestions!

This is probably not sweet enough in the beginning and not inspirational enough after the 15 sec mark, but… :slight_smile:

Hi @topherj84 ! Maybe you will like this track, sweet at the beginning and powerful in development.

Good afternoon.

Maybe this one

Thank you )

Hello, try this track…

Or third version of this :

Good luck :wink:

Several different options

Hi, @topherj84! Take a look at this :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a lot of inspiring sentimental tracks, for piano and orchestra… I suggest you some of them:

Hope this can help!

Hi @topherj84
You should really check this track

here are several options :

Thanks for listen!


Thanks everyone! There are some really great suggestions here and I’ve found what I needed :slight_smile: