Need Music similar to this


I’m currently in the middle of a project, i had this music for my back sound music, but when i tried to purchased they don’t sell this to my regional and only sell to america and canada… :frowning:

It’s for commercial use and will be airing on TV on July 25. I have 2 more days to finish this project for final client preview

Please help me find similar music to this:

Thank you,

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Hi @krisna_dwiputra
Please check out my portfolio :slight_smile:

My latest track:

or maybe one of these:

Hi, this one maybe?

Hi all

I please also need music similar to this used, and I have not been able to determine what music track was used…

Your speedy assistance is much appreciated!

I have to have this project finished by Tuesday 24 July 2018, and would like to use something similar…


Hi @megaphonemedia
I think this track is similar to that:

Also, you can search for more items in the jazz category:

Good Luck!