Hello! I’m looking for a similar track to this (emotional, cinematic, strings)

Hi !

I am looking for a similar track like below

Can you please help me to find track like this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @akil_adit!

Here’s are a few tracks to get you started. I’ll also ping some authors who produce in this genre. Let us know if you find a track you like! :slight_smile:


Hey guys - @E-soundtrax @Sky-Productions @ALEX_BESSS @D_Cooper @BrownHouseMedia Do you have any similar music to what the customer is looking for?

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I have 200 similar tracks! XD

And more tracks in my portfolio: https://audiojungle.net/user/alex_besss/portfolio?utf8=✓&order_by=sales

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Hey Scott,

See if any of these are close.



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Hi, Maybe one of this can work:

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a little bit minimal, maybe with a touch of tension but the message is upbeat.

maybe this is very triumphalist?

More , increasing energy

Hope it can helps… :slight_smile:
greetings and good luck!

Thank you all for your reply.I like a few music.

But I am looking for smooth and romantic music in starting and suddenly it’s gone in hard beat…like above I posted video…I want to show romantic scene in starting(10-15 sec) and than want to show some making of product shot…

I hope you got it,


Hi @akil_adit!
Maybe this:

Hi! Here are some tracks with similar mood

If you need, we can make to you a custom track. Feel free to contact us via AudioJungle or email tsgm.orders at gmail com

Hi, try it

Thank you everyone :slight_smile: