Music track: Could anybody help to find the music in the following template?

Could anybody help finding out which music it is in the background of the following template?
It would be so great, if anybody could help, as I really would like to use this music!

Thank you so much for your support!

P.S. the author of the template could not help, unfortunately…

Hey @DanielaDilger

I checked the song, but how you know here is many cinematic items so I could not find it this one to you, but here is a list of beautiful tracks which are similar to this song by mood, by instruments and genre. I hope that this is helpful for you!

Best Regards,
Lilla from Team HoneyLoud

HI Lilla, thank you very much for your suggestions. I’ll try if they suit to my video.

Anyhow, if there is anybody out there who can find out the music of the link above I would be more than happy.

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I wish you good luck! :slight_smile: