Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day



Hello! :slight_smile:
This is a beautiful and inspiring track. The romantic mood is made by gentle, lyrical and sensory piano.

This track is perfect for a love story. The noble sound of the guitar with nylon strings evokes romantic feelings


I nominate two tracks:

  1. - An amazing romantic track by gvsmusichouse. Nice soft and bright orchestra sound and wide deep piano could help smbd make a nice video project of different type (cinematic, advertising) or slideshow. .

  2. - Another great romantic track by LuckyBlackCat with orchestra and piano. Could be perfect for trailers or advertising.


Excellent romantic track . I really like dynamics, sound design and the atmosphere of this track. So lovely and romantic!

This is my song. Beautiful Romantic Music


Be My Valentine


This is beautiful Valentine message.It sounds very beautiful, sensual and emotional.

Romantic Sentimental Piano 3


This is a track with romantic mood. Soothing, sensual and motivational piece with emotional piano.


Hi! It’s very beautiful, I really like this music.

And here is my romantic Indie Rock


Hi! :slight_smile:

The festive atmosphere reigns in this track.

Light track with an incredibly delicate ambience. :relieved: :heart:


Another one I love: I Just Called To Say I Love You. Trying to play with my piano. But a tough track.


Hello, everybody!

These are the two compositions we like:

Beautiful romantic story about couple in love. It is the first date of young people, so they feel anxious and uncertain. But the desire to be together is stronger than the first drops of the rain, that is trying to darken this bright day, so important for track heros. Anyway love turns out to be stronger than the whim of weather.

This track wakes many emotions:
Today is Saint Valentines day! A gift for the loved one is already bought.
This present will please not only that person but to the giver too.
Joy and happiness overwhelm me, I will cry!


really feelin the love in this thread :slight_smile: :couple_with_heart:

May I suggest:

this track gently simmers and resonates, giving you and your loved one the kind of warm fuzzy feelings that come from a little too much wine and walks in the moonlight.


Gentle notes of the piano, like the twinkling of eyes, dance and sparkle, while the subtle, ethereal voices and strings serve to heighten the emotions even further.

  1. Grateful Heart by SimonDaum
    Pure and sincere piano. Perfect harmony and, more importantly, good sounding. This is what needed to underscore the moment.

  2. Touching Beauty of Piano
    One of my compositions, reflecting a subtle sense of tenderness.


Candle on Piano
by BDKSonic

Beautiful and inspiring piece of music.Emotional piano playing.

Beautiful Piano 5
by DHDMusic

Soft,quiet and soulful piano track with strings and glockenspiel.Perfect for Valentine`s Day!


Look at this music,
romantic and inspiring)


This my track with romantic mood. Inspiring piano, elegant and sweeping violins, harp, oboe, horn, and tender cello, sentimental moments, inspirational experience.

This track is perfect for a love story by Nensi. Soothing, sensual and motivational piece with emotional piano:


Here’s a couple I really love!

@RickyValadez: Give Me Hope

An awesomely wonderful track that utilizes soft background vocals and a variety of instruments to build to a really great finish. I really can’t say enough about this track, I’m completely in love with it.

@alexbird: Cinematic Inspired

Just a simply lovely track that blends an awesome piano melody with strings, building over time to create a really emotional, sentimental piece of work that really is just wonderful.


Really liked this one: Sentimental Piano and Strings by gvsmusichouse.
Romantic soft piano chords and beatiful strings will make sentimental atmosphere. I think it will be good for wedding projects, romantic slideshows etc

Second track I would choose: To Be inspired by ALEX_BESSS.
Track makes very unusual feeling, romantic and very inspiring sense of piano and strings, great for wedding, dates, romantic projects.

#187 - gentle piano music loop. Very soft sounding, besides cyclic. - really love that music. Simple, graceful, pleasant dynamics.


Here are the most breathtaking romantic tracks for me:

#189 -At the first place (ALEX_BESSS) - really love that music. Simple, graceful, pleasant dynamics (PrestoSound)


Really like this tracks: (MagicMusicStudio) (ALEX_BESSS)


Here is a very good track, romantic and emotional, it’s very similar to the story of love.

And here’s another song but rather a sad love