Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day

Nothing says “I love you” better than music that tugs at the heart, so we’ve decided to play Cupid, and match you with the perfect song to say those three magic words, with a little help from our community. Have a look and a listen to this list of 10 romantic royalty free music and audio tracks, and hopefully you’ll leave having found true love.


I like that. Very simple and touching melody and continuous movement

And my own very touching and crystal simple offer (at my opinion - Beauty in simplicity):



I love this track made by @Rejected
I always listen to this when I need some relaxation at work :slight_smile: you should also try it.

Also this one a lovely piece of romantic music created by @MusicZone
Very essential & deep.


Hello! I am convinced that the minimal track is always relevant. Piano and violin is creates an atmosphere of “Valentine’s Day”.

by @Top-Flow

Just as the first track, this track is full of ease and sentiments.


Love to all :heart_exclamation:


This gentle atmospheric song makes me feel emotions from it’s first notes. Each sound from the very beginning and till the end touches my soul. Simple and brilliant :blush:
Emotional Piano by BobsMusic
It is not so easy to describe your personal song, but I suppose it also deserves attention and it will be perfect variant for St.Valentine’s Day.:cupid:
Wedding by MalirecStudio

  1. Wedding by @AudioPizza

I really like this song because of the arrangement. The main melody is very catchy and emotional, although it is repeated very often it’s not boring, because of a great arrangement. Love it! The track is called “Wedding” but I think it definitely can be used in a plenty of inspiring videos.

  1. Piano

I was under the big influence of Yann Tiersen so I tried to make very emotional romantic piano song and I’m very happy with the results, even more because I’m a guitarist not a pianist - working here on Audiojungle forced me to learn playing piano, which now I’m very grateful for :slight_smile: I think it’s one of my best tracks ever.


My new romantic motivational track :

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I think “You are Beautiful” by kvancho is the most wonderful, melodious and interesting track I’ve ever heard here on AJ:

Here is a “Classical Piano” by me:

Wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3 :

1 Like I like romantic mood in this track. Also an incredible piano on this track, which conveys the romantic memories This track is really gives the feeling of love. I also like playing a piano on this track





2 Likes Good track what feeling passion and Love. Good for different video projects. Good track what feeling love and memories. This track is suitable for romantic video intros


I’d nominate the following:

This is my best romantic piece. The feeling is relaxed and romantic. It seems to capture a mood of innocence and young love.


This is a wonderfully played piece. It’s very rich and warm. The piano is soothing and never intrusive. The track builds with a nice introduction of bells (celesta) at the climax. Very well written piece and perfect for slideshows, videos, weddings, etc.

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Hello! This is my most favorite romantic song on AudioJungle, perfect depicts those beautiful and treasured moments! track I composed as a gift to my wife! :wink: :slight_smile:


Hello everybody! First item is real lovesong of my friend and his wife:

And another one is my own BestSeller:

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Excellent romantic track that inspired me to work many times. I really like dynamics, sound design and the atmosphere of this track. So lovely and romantic! I think, this track deserves more sales!

And this is my song. I rarely completely satisfied with the result of my work, but this theme is really worthwhile! I dedicated it to my girlfriend Pauline, who many times inspired and motivated me to write new and original music.

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Hi! This is my choice:

  1. Romantic by @GoodMusicMood. This track is perfect for wedding, lovestory and valentine day. General mood of this song is reflection, good days, bad days, for the soul, for the heart and so on.

  2. Paris by @LumenMedia. It’s a smooth jazz chanson romantic piece, bittersweet, with awesome sensual accordeon solo (bandoneon), jazz drums, acoustic bass and warm jazzy piano. Mood of this track – romantic and sensual, tender and light, dedicated to Paris streets and romantic atmosphere of Europe.

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You could never guess
How much happiness
You’ve brought my way
Happy Valentine’s Day !

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