Does anyone know what these tracks are?

Quite a while back - before the new preview file names - I downloaded these two tracks but accidentally forgot to name them. Now I can’t find them. Soundizer no longer seems to be working. I’ve tried narrowing the search by track length and tempo and reviewed hundreds of files to no avail. Audio Jungle has suggested I post the tracks here to see if anyone in the community recognises them. Thanks so much.

Link to tracks:

Sorry i couldn’t find them too.
If you want I can suggest a really similar track to the first one piano track.

Thank you. Yes please your suggestion would be appreciated.

you can listen to this…Track 1 i think its pretty similar
also this one (the second is with adrev)
Hope that helps

@firefilms ah i found both tracks. Ignore my suggestions

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Oh gosh you are a champion! Wow, wow, wow! I searched for hours for those. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I really appreciate it.

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tip the waitress ! haha ! kidding ! glad i helped ! :slight_smile:
@OsamaSayegh close this :slight_smile: