Looking for a custom piano loop music

Hi! I have a short video project ( 23 sec long) and I’ve been searching audio jungle for the whole day now and I can’t find anything that really match the scene I’m going for. Most of the ones I’ve heard are either too calm & relaxed or really bright and uplifting. I need something in between. Please send me a message and I will show you my video if you’re interested!

Hi @Yeng12! Maybe something like this will suit you. The second version without a projector. Please check

hi @Yeng12 try it

Thanks for the reply! I have check both of you guys music but it’s still not what I’m looking for.

I’ll leave a link to my video below. Comment below if you have some that will match my video.

My video: goo.gl/iSywD5

I’m trying to reference the rhythm in this music here:

I’m looking for 4 quarter note in a row.


Hey @Yeng12,
Check out this track from 6:12 in the preview (just the piano version), it could work for your clip.


Best wishes,

If you didn’t find anything yet check this too .


Appreciate everyone chipping in!
I found one that works!