Most Beautiful & Romantic Music for the One You Love on Valentine's Day



Simple piano and warm strings is all that you need on Valentine’s day. Light and unobtrusive melody will be a good emphasizing background for wedding video, love story slideshow etc. Very neat mixing of orchestra and piano make the sound really warm and deep — exactly which is good for sentimental projects.

Here is one of my new pieces. Smooth and jazzy music for romantic fellings at the end of Valentine’s day.


Hi! I think this music is perfectly suited for a romantic mood.

The first is my:

This is soft, piano orchestral music for romantic and sad background, memories, wedding video, documentaries, featurettes, photography slideshow, family movie, beautiful life and travel. In general it is quite versatile music suitable for many types of products.

Second, it is a track of my colleague:

This is a smooth, chanson romantic jazz, with awesome sensual accordeon solo and warm jazzy piano. It will be excellent for romantic project, luxury brand presentations, slide shows, film, confectionary and coffee advertising.


I prefer this one from @StudioKolomna - bittersweet and romantic piano and orchestra piece with breathing strings section, constantly evolving and growing arrangement. This music echoed with deep feelings of love and devotion.
And this one The “Paris” is smooth jazz chanson romantic piece, bittersweet, with awesome sensual accordeon solo (bandoneon), jazz drums, acoustic bass and warm jazzy piano. Mood of this track – romantic and sensual, tender and light, dedicated to Paris streets and romantic atmosphere of Europe. It will be excellent for travel project, luxury brand presentations, slide shows, film, confectionary and coffee advertising.


Thanks!!! =)


@AMZA - Very melodic track, as if specially made for Valentine Day


@MusicFilmStudio - Very good track that overwhelm the senses and which need to be inspired day.



Thank you for mention of my music!


Hello e-one :slight_smile:
Here I go:

Great heartwarming music piece. Full of dramatic parts and emotionality. Beautiful tune!

Really simple and emotional background track. I love Cello voice in it.

To bad that I can post more tunes here :slight_smile:
Good luck to all, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Thanks, MAN =)!!!


@AMZA - An interesting and melodic track, as if specially made for the day of Valentine


@PrestoSound - Very good and just gorgeous track that overwhelm the senses and which need to be inspired every day.



Light romantic melody with notes of piano, will reveal and enhance colours of your photo-( video-) story of Love, Valentine Days story. You can make a proposal of marriage or confession of love, congratulate your favorite family with the romantic and touching music in your photo-(video-) slideshow.
Invisible harmony chorus and rising melody intensify the emotions,feelings and the beauty of the moment with your photo- videos stories and even you can shed a tear …


Very nice, calm and beautiful romantic track by ALEX_BESSS -

The magical and mesmerizing track by soundtrack-city -


Good one! :blush: by Alex_BESS :sunny:

and this one by MagicMusicStudio %)


@SamyBeats - Very inspiring and positive track. In this track I really like the piano, it plays a very soulful! And this music I want to give gifts to loved ones.

@AMZA - I would recommend this track, it begins rather calmly, but then there is a strong climax, for the account of the track was very interesting and inspiring.
Cinematic Inspiration


@AMZA - I would recommend this stunning and inspiring track. It starts very slowly, evenly and quietly. From the first minutes it seems as if the piano is playing Ludovico Einaudi, then gradually come violin and percussion, developing into a powerful and complete culmination! All lovers of quality music, I recommend this AMZA song now!

@Background-Music - And now I would like to bring to your attention a sad epic track! It is really very sad, because Valentine’s Day is not always a happy holiday, many people in this day ends the relationship and his epic saga, I would like to stress, “do not be sad, you can just be sad, and all must be adjusted.”


Hello everybody!
I want to present you my track that I think more or less suitable the mood for this competition.
Part piano which sounds at the beginning of the track, creating a bright and romantic feelings, and subsequent dynamic development shows how feelings can grows in to the great love!))

And also I want to introduce the track of a very talented author, who in my opinion deserves for special attention.


Thank you, YetiProduction =)


@soundside - Very interesting and inspiring minimal track! The track that makes all our dreams come true!


@AMZA - Interesting track, a track where just going wild and overwhelmed with emotion, and the piano just crazy.



Hello! I like these two tracks:
Very airy and bright track. Gentle staccato strings and a beautiful piano

Inspiring and romantic track with a beautiful melody


Here are my choices:

1 - by @AurusAudio

Wonderful piece of music, has all the emotion and inspiration down to perfection. Love the arrangement, the way the track builds is spot on and the slight variations here and there keep the listeners attention well. Mix is great, the strings soar in the legatos and the pizzicato & spiccato articulations are crisp and present, the piano sits well throughout and is neither too present or too dull, just great work.

2 - by StockSounds

I think this piece is suited well to the theme of love and valentines day. I like the piano sound I ended up with here, the motif at the beginning has some level of originality to it that makes the piece stand out from other piano pieces I have composed (for me anyway). I think the piece builds well, I like how the piano riff changes to be more upbeat and simplistic, this acts as a good hook to keep the listener interested without confusing them too much. Overall I think this piece would work well for any type of romantic themed project.


Here are my two selections:

1 - by @gballx

A track that was written with wedding videos in mind and has soft instrumentation with a modern groove to carry the track along. Smooth strings and a Beatles kind of feel to the piano. A tune for all your nostalgic moments.

2 - by @jblanks

A lyrical and lush piece featuring piano, strings, clarinet and oboe. Cinematic and evocative, this piece adds drama and passion to any romantic project. Ideal for scoring emotional scenes and moments.