Monthly Rollup | February 2018

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Check out some of the cool things we’re working on at Envato HQ and read all the latest news, announcements and updates from this past month!


Premiere Pro Launched on VideoHive

We have officially launched Premiere Pro as a new video template category for Envato market and will be accepting After Effects items. For existing After Effects authors, the Premiere Pro category and Motion Graphics Templates files are a great opportunity to extend the reach of your items and talent to a group of customers (e.g. video editors, digital producers, and filmmakers) who are more familiar with Premiere Pro than After Effects. Read the full announcement here and submit your next item now!

ThemeForest Search Results Testing and Redesign

This month, we announced the launch of two new tests for search results on ThemeForest! We’re continuing our ongoing work in optimizing the experience for customers by adding the ability for authors to showcase the best aspects of their item directly on the search results. This change will allow authors to highlight the main reasons why a potential customer should pick your item, including a tagline, user features, technical features, amount of styles/demos and more. Read the full announcement here.

UX Research & Insights

The Mobile Experience on ThemeForest

We thought that the mobile experience was dependent on your physical circumstance (eg. if a customer is on a train). Turns out, that might not be entirely true. Early indications suggest that it may be more based on personal preference (eg. I’m watching a movie at home and I’d rather use my phone instead of my laptop). Often the experience includes desktop AND mobile. They are not mutually exclusive.

Lastly, although people mainly buy on desktop, customers still purchase on mobile. If you are an author, you might want to consider how you market any preview/landing pages that you have for your item and consider how they may be optimized for mobile for your customers.

Who are our After Effects customers?

We believe that there are two main segments of customers for After Effects and their needs are slightly different:

  1. Experts who use After Effects every day and know the program inside out.
  • These people tend to purchase an item to help them save time as deadlines are approaching.
  • If you believe your item is targeted towards the expert user, highlighting the time savings benefits that the item would give you may attract potential customers.
  1. Novices who use After Effects infrequently. They may be a graphic designer who already has a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and who gets a freelance motion job once a year.
  • These customers need to make sure that they will be able to use the item correctly, as they already have plenty of knowledge gaps within their After Effects skill set.
  • If you believe your item is targeted towards beginners, making sure any description/help documentation/tutorial videos clearly shows how to use the item as easily as possible, might help attract potential customers.

Some of the new things that the UX team have been trying to learn in February include:

  • An understanding of who our Elements customers are through a new onboarding survey.
  • Looking at how do CodeCanyon customers search for items today.

Category Filter SEO Improvements

This month, the traffic team updated the old category filter to use HTML links that can be crawled and easily show the parent and subcategories that the user is in. For authors, this will allow search engines to crawl through our category structure more effectively and improve discoverability for Google and customers!

Changes To How Authors Receive Earnings Payouts From Envato

We recently announced an update to how authors receive payments from Envato Market, which requires authors to choose only one payout destination that must be owned by the author. This change will help bring our payout system in line with our terms and ensure authors get paid regularly without having to manually request a payout each month. Read the full announcement here.

Author Help Center Survey

Following the redesign of the Author Help Center, we want to continue improving the experience and would love to know your thoughts on how we can best do this. Help us improve the Help Center and contribute your feedback on our latest survey here.

March Marketing Campaign

The customer team are running a marketing campaign for ThemeForest, CodeCanyon and VideoHive items in March. This campaign is set to feature the largest number of items we’ve ever included within a sale promotion. Files selected will be featured on a specially created landing page, and promoted to our large network of customers.

Nominations for this campaign are now closed. You can check all the opportunities and campaign updates to get involved with on the forums here.

New Envato Watermark for Video Content

In line with the updates to the Envato Market header (navigation) and an effort to de-emphasize each site’s individual brand, we recently launched an ‘Envato’ Watermark for all video content that requires it. From the 14th of March onwards, all VideoHive items submitted will be required to use this new generic Envato watermark it in their video previews. Read the full announcement here.

If you have any questions or want to continue the conversation, let us know below!