Premiere Pro on VideoHive

Today we’re announcing official support of the new “Motion Graphics Templates” (.mogrt) file format on VideoHive, alongside the launch of a new Premiere Pro category on VideoHive.

What’s new

Adobe recently introduced the Essential Graphics Panel and a new file format (.mogrt) that enables native creation, editing, and customization of specialized motion graphics templates directly within Premiere Pro.

Motion Graphics Templates files can be created purely with Premiere Pro, or exported from After Effects projects as well leveraging AE’s more advanced effects and featureset.

This opens up the opportunity to:

  1. Make more user-friendly After Effects templates leveraging the new Essential Graphics Panel for easy customization and a consistent user experience.
  2. Convert your existing After Effects templates into modular, customizable Motion Graphics Templates files for easy use directly within Premiere Pro.
  3. Create brand new Motion Graphics Templates items (using Premiere Pro or After Effects) optimized and targeted specifically for Premiere Pro users.
  4. Create new Premiere Pro project file templates (.prproj) leveraging the Essential Graphics Panel controls.

So, from today, we’re officially accepting After Effects items that include corresponding .mogrt files, as well as opening up a new category for video template items designed specifically for Premiere Pro.

For existing After Effects authors, the Premiere Pro category and Motion Graphics Templates files are a great opportunity to extend the reach of your items and talent to a group of customers (e.g. video editors, digital producers, and filmmakers) who are more familiar with Premiere Pro than After Effects.

How to upload

Before you upload, make sure to read our new submission requirements for Premiere Pro and updated requirements for After Effects items.

You can submit After Effects items that include .aep and/or corresponding .mogrt files to the VideoHive > After Effects Project Files category as usual. When uploading, make sure to select “Motion Graphics Templates” in the new “Files Included” attribute on the upload form, so customers can easily find these items.

Premiere Pro items containing .prproj and/or .mogrt files can be submitted to the new VideoHive > Premiere Pro Templates category. This category is currently visible only to authors, and will be switched live as soon as we have received enough approved items. If your .mogrt files were exported from After Effects, make sure to select “After Effects CC” as well in the “Software Version” attribute on the upload form, so customers will know they need to have After Effects software installed on their machine in order for the files to work.

For clarity:

  • After Effects project files (.aep) and Premiere Pro project files (.prproj) must not be submitted together in the same item, and should be uploaded separately to their respective categories.
  • Motion Graphics Templates files (.mogrt) may be included within items for either category.
  • Items containing only Motion Graphics Templates files (.mogrt) should be submitted to Premiere Pro.

Important Links

Submission Requirements for Premiere Pro Motion Graphics
Updated Requirements for After Effects

We’ll be around for the next seven days answering your questions. Please remember our community guidelines as you post.


Great launch!
I have two questions:

  1. Can you confirm that now we can upload the same video twice in two different categories? One would have .aep format (and goes to AE templates), and the second .morgt (goes to Premiere Pro), but basically it would be the same item, no difference.
  2. Do you plan in future add Fusion Templates? This program is free, and it opens the door to a huge audience. Even for ordinary people who have not paid for Adobe software.

Good news :slight_smile:
and what about PP presets?


Thank you very much for the great news!


If we convert our After Effects Templates into .mogrt , they could be sold as exclusive templates both of them?


Great news

do you accept presets for Premiere Pro? and to what category to add them? can make for them separate category?

Got it! Good news=):tada::confetti_ball:

Yes, essentially you could create a Premiere Pro version of your After Effects item with similar design/animation. Note that not all After Effects features are supported via the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro, so your Premiere Pro template version may need to be modified/optimized from your original After Effects item in order to work effectively and be customizable.

We don’t currently have plans for a Fusion category at this time.

Great news! As of today, we now have the option available to upload Premiere Pro presets. If you have tried to upload presets as part of the Premiere Pro category already, you’ll need to reupload them and select the proper category and tags. For requirements and more information, please check out this help center article.

Exclusivity is set by account, and applies to all of your items (and related items). So yes, converted Premiere Pro templates based on your exclusive After Effects items must also be exclusive to Envato. See our Exclusivity Policy for more detail.

Thanks for the questions and comments. If you’ve got any questions about this, please feel free to email our support team. This concludes our active monitoring of this thread but we cannot wait to see what you publish next!


Hello, @jamesgiroux Which category should I choose for Color Presets? I can’t find any similiar category except Overlays.

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